Individual Client Success Stories

We invite you to learn more about the effective outcomes Keystone has brought about by reading what our clients and former candidates had to say.

"Thank you so very much for providing me with the opportunity to work with your talented and extremely professional team. Mark Newall is gifted in his role, with his thoughtful approach and positive nature. Through his expert coaching I felt a sense of confidence and optimism through my transition, and I give him a great deal of credit for my crossing the finish line last week. I really appreciate all you have done to support me, by running such a high-quality firm and providing access to your talented team."

-Elizabeth, Financial Services professional

 "Mark Newall has been just great to work with, as has all the Keystone folks I met along the way: Mary, Misty, Lindsay, Dave....others too.  Thank you for extending me the extra time to continue with Keystone."

-Robert, Human Resources professional

 “Stephanie Daniel, through her immediate, personal connection and evident concern in helping me through this transition set me at ease and gave me hope. Because of Stephanie, I have the confidence in my skills and talents to make that big career change I have thought about for years.”

-Cathi, Entrepreneur

"Jayne Mattson's counsel and assistance throughout the journey so far has exceeded all expectations. I can only hope that over time I can give back as much as you and Keystone have given me.”

-David, IT professional

“Wendy Friend was by far the most critical element for me.  She has become both a trust advisor and friend.  Very sound guidance and help along the way.  She is a real pro.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the wonderful help that Bonnie Petrovich provided to me. We concentrated first on my resume, which looked 100% better than before. The quality that stands out the most in my mind is Bonnie’s ability to sense when I was “down”, which is common during a job search. She always attempted to lift my spirits. The transition from Bonnie to Sherry Dutra occurred without a hitch.”

-Janet, Marketing professional

“Colin Moor was great. He showed real interest in my process, was tactful but firm in suggesting some soul searching on my part, and he was creative at brainstorming. He was very supportive which was key, especially on day one.”

-Said, Engineering professional

"Sue Turner is wonderful and I have never encountered a more professional, thorough, and personable company in my twenty-six years in the corporate world. I am quite blown away by every aspect of Keystone. Your staff is exceptional in their knowledge, encouragement, presentation skills (every seminar and webinar was phenomenal), and professionalism.”

-Cathleen, Customer Service professional

“I consider myself very fortunate to have had the support of Dave Denaro and such a unique team of compassionate advisors helping me navigate throughout this long, very challenging job search journey."

-Julie, HR professional

“Penny Locey was amazing and made my job search pleasurable, stress-free and focused.  I had a job offer in less than 2 months.”

-Mike, Biopharmaceutical