Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning


LifeOptions Program

Retirement planning is daunting for everyone so it’s not surprising that many companies and individuals oversimplify it or ignore it completely.

Keystone Associates offers the LifeOptions retirement planning program.  This comprehensive curriculum identifies an individual’s preparedness for every facet of retirement, to make the transition as successful as possible for both the company and the retiree.

Preparing your sitting executives for retirement is not just something you do for them as an added benefit; it’s something you do for your company to ensure the smoothest transition possible.

The LifeOptions program is centered around core materials designed to empower individuals to make the best decisions possible for their retirement. The curriculum begins with a comprehensive assessment that covers 20 separate lifestyle and attitudinal factors. The assessment provides a clear, well-ordered, and scaled overview of how each participant compares to others in similar life circumstances with respect to their personal growth toward retirement.

In-depth program materials then guide participants through these key areas of focus:

Keystone Associates consultants complement the in-depth exploration experience with powerful questions that help participants move forward. If you have executives on your team who are beginning to think about retirement, we would like to help make it the most successful transition possible for your organization and your leadership team members.


The Power of Knowledge Transfer

Read our white paper that provides the latest strategies and insights into the effective and impactful knowledge transfer from your retiring executives to your succeeding leadership team.