Working Mother Magazine

April, 16, 2012

Ace The Interview

How to Ask the Right Questions.

The job market is showing signs of recovery. If you’re on the job hunt, go in not only with smart answers but also with the right questions, says Stephanie Daniel, vice president at Boston-based career management firm Keystone Associates. Good queries show your desire and determine fit.

See if your interests align. Ask what the most gratifying aspect of your interviewer’s job is, what work issues keep her up at night and what her top work goal for the year is.

Don’t jump the gun. While you’d like to know if there is an option to telecommute or how long it takes for staffers in similar jobs to be promoted, show interest in the job before inquiring about benefits and advancement.

Find out if you’re a good fit. 
Ask your interviewer to elaborate on the qualifications and traits of the ideal candidate to determine if you’re a match. That way you can highlight examples of those qualities in your own work history.